All calendars are password protected. Access to individual calendar requires authentication.

Furthermore, eTimeWeb adopts an event based privacy to protect individual events.

Each event can be tagged as one of

  • Others see text and time
  • Others see event title
  • Others see time only
  • Others see nothing

Others see text and time
The event info is publicly accessible.
All users on the system, include the special anonymous user, can read about the event.

Others see event title
Other users can only see the event title and event time, additional event info such as event details, event location etc are hidden from unauthorized users.

Others see time only
Other users can only see the blocked time for the event.

Others see nothing
The event is only accessible by the calendar readers and editors.

In all cases the tagged event will participate in group event conflict checking.

Please note that calendar administrators have full access of all event info on all calendars.

However, diary, contact list and notes are considered private and can be accessed by authorized users only, normally the calendar owner himself, unless the owner has chosen to grant access priviledge to others, such as calendar editors or readers or calendar administrators.

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