As a visitor would do

If you do not have your own website If you already have your own website
Included in the monthly subscription price, you will get a customized 5-pages website, from which your visitors will access your online appointment book We will give you a very simple html code that you will place in your website. The design of your website will not be modified in any way.
etimeWeb will appear as part of your website, but it will be running in our server
Entry page to the online appointment book

Entry page (in your website) to the online appointment book

In order to use the online appointment book, you will be asked for an user id and password.
You have 2 options here: Set a "guest" user, so everyone will be able to get appointments or only allow people with a valid user id to browse the appointment book, because you already gave it (by email, phone, etc)

After entering the user id and password, a small calendar will appear embebed in your website, that will allow to browse your online appointment book in the right side of the screen

  By clicking on some day or month, you will get the online calendar

Easily browse the calendar by days, weeks, months or years
View of the monthly calendar

View of the daily calendar
To take an appointment just click on some available time

Clicking on Quick Add you can take an appointment in the simplest way.

If the visitor (or the owner) would like to include more detail to make an appointment, by clicking on the available time, the following screen with all the options with appear.

If you are the calendar's owner
If you set the appointment book as moderated, after entering your password, you will see marked as "Pending" all requested appointments that must be confirmed by you, before publishing then in the online calendar

You can see Pending appointments in a brief way also.

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