How it Works

runs through a web server. User calendar data is stored and maintined in real time on our webserver. Users access and manage calendars through a javascript enabled browser.

In order to access to any calendar, user must have an user id/password information.

You can define users from your control panel and give that information to your customers or you can have a "guest" user to allow anyone request an appintment. In this case, later you can give to this user their own personal access information.

You can define each calendar as:

Private Calendar
: Only the owner, site administrator and its editors can update the the calendar. If your calendar belong to a workgroup, group members can enter events on your calendar also. Group members can also update group events if permission is granted on the relevent events. Others may view certain events depends on the permission set on individual events. Calendar readers can view all entries.

Open public calendar: In an open public calendar, any user can add events. Anyone can edit/delete his event entries. However, a user cannot edit/delete entries entered by others, except when editing privilege is granted by the owner. The calendar owner, editor or site administrator can always update a public calendar.

Moderated public calendar: The same as an open public calendar except all events posted to a moderated calendar need to be approved by its owner or editors first before they get published.

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