Main Features

  • Lets you and your customers view services and self-schedule appointments & resources online, even after office hours.
  • Easily create and configure private or public calendars.
  • Create company wide work groups and private meeting groups.
  • Schedule personal appointments, group meetings.
  • Manage resources reservations.
  • Announce company wide events through a corporate calendar.
  • Send event invitations via email.
  • Schedule audio/visual/email reminders.
  • Publish professionl quality calendars in real time.
  • Display free/busy time table, resolve schedule conflicts.
  • Manage notes, journals and contact lists.
  • You will get also your own internet page linked to your online appointment book.


Real time scheduling
Any event added to your calendar is immediately available to all its viewers, keeping scheduling conflicts at a minimum.

Multiple View
Display day, week, week banner, month, year (compact) views of calendars. In week view and detailed or banner day view, eTimeWeb also displays a free/busy time table. Schedule events on a open time slot takes only one click. eTimeWeb also provides a detailed list view, a summarized fancy list view and a polished, detailed fancy list view.

Overlaid Calendars
Combine and view serval calendars simultaneously, making schedule conflict resolution a total ease.

Category Filtering
Allow you to view events in categories.

Highly Configurable
Offer an extensive list of calendar configuration variables. Options like date format, time format, timezone, working hours, colors, fonts and reminder settings can all be individually set/adjusted for each calendar.

Shared/Group Calendars
Offer multiple work/meeting groups for each individual calendar. Automatically synchronizes meetings with all workgroup members.

Schedule Reminders
Notify members of upcoming events via email, popup and/or audio reminders.

Flexible Events
Schedule single or recurring events. Schedule appointment and meetings, as well as one-time or recurring events such as classes and seminars

Attendance Confirmation
For group events, eTimeWeb offers an option to prompt invitees to accept/decline the invitation. Attendance information is shared among all invitees.

Multiple Authors
Each calendar can have multiple editors and readers. Allow other users to view and/or update your calendars.

Each private calendar is password protected. Furthermore, eTimeWeb offers three levels of event based privacy to protect your personal calendar entries.
eTimeWeb uses an event based privacy to protect events on your calendar. Each event can be tagges one of the three privacy levels.

  • Others See Text and Time: others can see everything about this event.
  • Others See Event Title: other people, besides your calendar readers and editors, can only see the event title and date time of this event.
  • Others See Time Only: other people, besides your calendar readers and editors, can only see a reserved time slot for this event.
  • Others See Nothing: others cannot see any info about this event on your calendar. However, when conflict resolution is requested, any user can still see the blocked time for the event.

    Supports multiple levels of security. (Admin, customer, guest).
  • Private or Public calendars
    Lets you build a closed system for internal use, or an open system that supports self-service scheduling by customers.

    Public Calendars -- Publish department or coorporative schedules like conference room reservation, department picnic etc. eTimeWeb offers two types of public calendars, open or moderated.

    • Private Calendar: Only the owner, site administrator and its editors can update the the calendar. If your calendar belong to a workgroup, group members can enter events on your calendar also. Group members can also update group events if permission is granted on the relevent events. Others may view certain events depends on the permission set on individual events. Calendar readers can view all entries.
    • Open public calendar: In an open public calendar, any user can add events. Anyone can edit/delete his event entries. However, a user cannot edit/delete entries entered by others, except when editing privilege is granted by the owner. The calendar owner, editor or site administrator can always update a public calendar.
    • Moderated public calendar: The same as an open public calendar except all events posted to a moderated calendar need to be approved by its owner or editors first before they get published.

    You can switch from one kind to the other at any time by going to the options screen.

    An option is provided to allow anonymous posting to a public calendar.

    Conflict Resolution
    Automatically check for schedule conflicts.

    Import from VCalendar
    Allows you to import events from a VCS file, and to export eTimeWeb entries to a VCS file. You can this function as an additional backup.

    Address Book
    lets you to maintain your personal contact lists. Integrated email system let you send calendar events to friends with minimal efforts.

    Diary System
    Allows you to keep track of your daily activities.

    Corporate calendar
    Allows you broadcast corporate events to all calendars on the calendar system.

    eTimeWeb has been translated to Chinese, Dutch, Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

    Print functions
    Print day, week, year, etc, appointment lists

    CSS Support
    Support Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). One can associate display styles (font color etc) to individual calendars. Sample style sheets are included. In Addition, you can create your own Header and Footer for your calendar with your Logo, links, etc.

    Safe and Secure
    There is no need to worry about security issues: we don't ask you to install any software, set HTTP server or open any port of your computer.
    Your client will have to enter his password before he can make an appointment or make an appointment as "guest" if you wish.
    Access to your pages is protected by password.

    Integration with your existing web site
    If you already have a website, you need to place a link to our service on your web site to allow your clients to book online appointments.
    In addition, you can add a special code to use the calendar embebed in your website. It will appear as part of your website but it will still hosted in our server.

    Get your own website
    You will get a 5 page website customizable via web using our script.
    Customize your own website with your own welcome message, personalized information and online scheduling options.

    Ability to create multiple calendars
    If you have a medical clinic with many doctors, a company with many departments, a sports club with many tennis courts, etc, you can define several calendars or appointment books (one for each resource to be scheduled), each one with its own hours definition.
    Later, when login, the visitor can select the appropiate book from a list.

    Admin Control Panel
    You will have your control panel to add new users, add calendars, create/modify your website, and all other administrative functions.

    No special internet access required
    You and your clients may use your existing Internet service provider.
    Your online appointment booking system is hosted by us (you don't need to host website).

    Customers Information
    Lets you collect information from customers when they schedule an appointment.

    All you need is a computer that has Javascript enabled browser (for example Internet Explorer 5.0, Netscape 4.7 or later versions) and Internet access

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